Saturday, May 10, 2008


Maria and David sent a new picture of their little angel - Shaefer. Isn't he adorable!?

Not to upstage the baby, but I just have to add one more picture of Penelope after her little play date with Scarlett. Too cute for words!

New Pictures of Penelope

There's no sun today - and the ground is soaked from inches of rain - but that didn't stop Penelope from playing in the garden. Penelope's friend Scarlett came over for a visit today. She is a little red Pomeranian that is just one month older than Penny. We are also going to have a new playmate! Jill's boss's daughter just got a cute little shi-poo named Chewy. I think Penny and Chewy will be great friends!

Since I know that Dani and Karen are checking in on Penelope all the time, I wanted to say hi to my favorite cousins (and aunt) in sunny Florida. We love you!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day! Chara and I went to Philadelphia to do a tour of Philly's dog boutiques (Chara doesn't even have a dog, so you can guess who came up with that idea). Penelope had a good time and made lots of new friends. She met most of the gang today, too - Colleen, Steven, Jeff, Tara (Jeff's girlfriend), Chris, Billy and numerous strangers who stopped us on the street to say hello.

Since it was so warm and sunny today, I took Penelope out for some fun in the grass pictures. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 1, 2008