Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Poppy and Olive!

Happy Birthday to our children!  Seriously?  Two years?  I still don't believe it, even though it is true.  It has been the most difficult, most challenging, and most satisfying 2 years.  Here is a monthly recap of Poppy and Olive's 2nd year.

13 Months Old
Olive is in pink, and Poppy is in yellow.  Look how pudgy they are!

14 Months Old
Olive and Poppy in their favorite tree

15 Months Old
Poppy with a fake goose

Olive with fake birds on a clothesline

16 Months Old
Poppy and Olive eating a sticky snack

17 Months Old
Olive decorating the tree

Poppy decorating the tree

18 Months Old
Olive taking a break from unwrapping a gift

Poppy just unwrapped a gift

19 Months Old
Olive on the couch

Poppy falling asleep

20 Months Old
Olive and Poppy in the playhouse with Uncle Jim

21 Months Old
Olive reunited with our old dog, Penelope

Poppy stating her opinion

22 Months Old
Olive and Poppy playing

23 Months Old
Poppy and Olive returning from the jungle

2 Years Old (Minus 3 days)
Poppy, Jill, me, and Olive about to dig into birthday cake

Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Party!

Tomorrow is the girls 2nd birthday if you can believe it!  We had a party on Saturday, and it was a blast!  It was a farm theme, complete with petting zoo.  Everyone asked me how many sets of twins there were, and there were 6 plus our girls.  Anyway, here is some pre-party silliness!

Mom-mom Diane

Olive with her cowgirl boots.

Poppy, who had a rough morning, would not keep her boots on!

Jill's ready with her cow earrings.

The Set-up

Famous Dave's catering

The pen for small animals
Rabbits, chickens, a pig, ducks

The larger animals: sheep, goats, miniature pony (not shown)

Making balloon sticker animals

Our bounce house definitely got full use!

Pop-pop and Great-Grandma Stell

Mom-mom and Pop-pop

Great-Grandma and Aunt Sandy

Joey and Jesse

Poppy and me
She wanted to be held most of the day!

Friends S. and A.

Friends V. and L.






Great-Grandma Josephine

Cousin Brandon

Cousin Frankie

Poppy, me, and Willow
Poppy was not so sure about the pony.

Cousin Linda

Olive and Mom-mom

Little M.

Cousin Evie

Olive riding Willow
Not so sure about it

Grandma Ro


Janis and J. making a funny face

Jake riding Willow

Please don't take my ribbon, Poppy!

Aunt Ne-ne showing Olive how to feed the goats

Cousins Natalie and Sara


15 day old Carl and Anna

Friends A. and E.

Pop-pop Joe

Grandma and Pop-pop

Little A.

Do you think she loved the animals, or what?

Mr. Sheep

Poppy and L. romping in the balloons

One of the chickens laid an egg for us!

Little G. and Mom Erin

Another Little G.
We have fun in Gymboree art class together!

Animals again

J. riding Willow

Cousin Bill


I gave in and let them have soda!


Bouncing away

Cake time!

This is the first party I've planned almost all by myself.  My consultants were: Jill, my mom, and Jill's mom.  I could not have pulled it off without you all!  Thank you to everyone else that helped clean, set-up, break down, and clean again!  Let's do it again in a few years.  And, to our guests, thanks for coming!  We hope you had a blast.