Friday, January 25, 2013

Mom Mom's post 1/25/13

Poppy and Olive, ready to hit the beach!


Feeding the birds with mom mom

Climbing on the jetty at South Point Park with Daddy

Poppy in her Breezy Point hat from Uncle John

Olive and Daddy, climbing the hills at South Point Park

Beautiful Olive

Playing in the fountains at South Point Park.  We had such a fun day!

Beautiful Poppy

Monday, January 21, 2013

Post from Mom-Mom

I'm loving having all the kids here in sunny Florida!  We're keeping very busy and having so much fun.   Swimming is their favorite activity and they are swimming like little fish!
Beautiful Olive

Poppy, playing with wiki sticks

Olive--play ground on Ocean Drive

Poppy and Olive's beautiful mommy and daddy-at Art Deco weekend on Ocean Drive

Poppy, sitting in the middle of the road on Ocean Drive.
No cars are allowed during Art Deco Weekend

Poppy said she needed a bandaid because her lip hurt.

Playing at Flamingo Park.  Poppy on left.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Water Fun

Mom-mom has a waterproof camera, and we had lots of fun with it! Olive and Poppy can touch the bottom of the pool now, and they can swim for a few seconds underwater. It's amazing!

Poppy in midair


Pop-pop and Poppy

Beach time!


Netting for treasure

 Poppy is one with the ocean.



Jackie O'Agro




Poppy having a snack

Miami Beach, Year 3!

I love this time of year! We are on our annual trip to Miami Beach to visit Mom-mom and Pop-pop. Here are some notable pictures so far.

Poppy and me counting boats

Poppy, Olive, and Mommy enjoying the view

I'm lucky to have such a gorgeous wife. Too bad she has a trial beginning the day after she returns home :-(

Poppy waiting to help Mom-mom cut melon

Olive painting at 8am

My turn!

Poppy sharing a laugh and a kiss with Pop-pop

Kisses please, Mom-mom!

Ready for the beach



Aaaaand we're out.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas. Mom, Joe, and Gramma Jo spent the evening and morning with us. 

My mom and me

Mom and Gramma

Olive, Pop-pop, and Poppy waiting to eat the turkey


I love Poppy's expression in this picture.

Sick of appetizers... where's the turkey!

Jill and Olive, who was not amused

Santa came!

Poppy's a little confused

They blend right into the scene, don't they?

Olive got markers!

Poppy found her markers, too. 

Poppy and Olive each asked Santa for a fire truck.

Poppy--What to open next?

I love this picture of Olive.

Poppy opening her book of 1,885 stickers.

Poppy is protective of her jungle treehouse.

"Here, have this!"--Olive

Olive's face was priceless when she walked into the playroom.

A horse...

 ...and a wardrobe!


And, finally, the videos...