Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Last of the Easter Pictures

I meant to post these yesterday, but I spend half the day in the emergency room with Olive.  She has a corneal scratch that was causing her immense pain.  Luckily, it is shallow and narrow and should heal by tomorrow.  Her eye hasn't bothered her at all today, and she hasn't even needed any Tylenol.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Here we are decorating eggs.

Olive choosing a sticker

Memphis and my sister Maria

Poppy, me, and Olive



Memphis kissing Shaefer

The next 3 pictures are the best that I got with all the little kids.  Which is your favorite?


Maria and her boys

Jill reading to all the kids

Shaefer assumed Jill's duties when Jill was done reading.

Thanks for "reading" to us!

Cupcake cake for Shaefer's 3rd birthday
Happy Birthday, Godson!


Memphis auditioning for The Hangover 2

Last but not least, Easter egg hunt!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dresses

On our way to Grandmom Rosalie and Pop-pop Joe's house for Easter!  Pictures from the actual event to come.  Olive is in purple, and Poppy is in pink.

Olive saying "bunny" in sign language.

We asked Poppy to smile and gave her the universal sign of fingers-pushing-up-cheeks.  So, that's exactly what she did!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


It appears that I took a hiatus from blogging upon returning from Florida.  So, I'll finish the trip in one posting.  Enjoy!

Olive lounging on the balcony

Cousin Dani loves to do Poppy's hair...

And Olive's hair...

And Mom-mom's hair!

A visit from Penny!
Penny was our long haired Chihuahua until Jill got pregnant.  That's when she started protecting Jill and attacking me.  So, we gave her to Cousin Dani and her family. Olive loved Penny!  Poppy wasn't as impressed.

Olive ready to pounce



Still not close enough...

That's more like it!

Penny didn't attack me this time!

Poppy giving everyone the accidental finger

Poppy being eaten by a boar at Jungle Island

Olive and Pop-pop

Poppy at South Point Park

This would be a beautiful picture if the biker wasn't there!

Me launching Poppy into space

Guess who was at the playground with his 3 kids and entourage of women?  Comedian Dave Chapelle!  Here I am getting close enough to get in the same picture as him!

I think Dave saw Mom-mom snapping this picture, but he was cool about it.

Making friends

 Diaper heads


Poppy on the left and Olive on the right

Olive could not get enough!

We call this picture "Feral Olive."  Her hair is crazy!

At Hollywood Beach, we wanted to go into the fountain.  Good thing no one had diarrhea!

Surrey without a fringe on top


We told Poppy that the turtles were just fighting.