Monday, May 31, 2010

Pre-summer Fun!

In preparation for summer, we bought Poppy and Olive their first (to my recollection) pair of flip flops.  They really seem to enjoy wearing them, maybe because they can see their feet.  Other shoes are ripped off after only 10 minutes!


See the bottom of Poppy's right flip flop?  She's trying to climb out the window!

Olive getting used to the flip flips

Yesterday, we took our first trip to the zoo.  It was the Brandywine Zoo, and they only have about 15 different species of animal.  However, it's perfect for a quick outing in the sun.  Poppy's on the left, and Olive is on the right.

Today, we set up a fun sprinkler for the girls to play with.  Lunch was so messy, we decided it would be an easier option than trying to wipe them off from head to toe!

Olive getting sprayed in the temple

Poppy enjoying herself



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photography by Papa

Last weekend, we had visitors: Papa Angelo, Nonna CJ, Aunt Maria, Uncle David, Shaefer, and Memphis. My dad, as you know from previous posts, has a passion for photography. Here are select photos that he took.

"Do I have anything on my face?"

Olive Reading in the Tub

Two of Poppy

Jill and Olive

Poppy, Shaefer, and Olive
"The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades."

Girls in Their Christening Gowns

"Mmmmm, tastes like..."

Me and Shaefer

Sleepy Memphis

Enjoying the Outdoors

Jill with Olive, my dad, me with Poppy

"Enough with the pictures, Papa."

"Didn't you hear Olive? Enough!"

Olive, Nonna, and Poppy

"OK, Papa, we'll give you one more shot!"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Goings-On in the Agro Household

Random #1: Poppy is apparently a better climber than we all thought. Until today, she used this bin as a drum.

Random #2: If you are under a year old, you still may know how to talk on the phone. In the second video, Olive will show you that even if you drop the phone, you can keep talking!

Random #3: Most cabinets are locked. They try these two cabinets every single day in hopes that one day they might just open.

Random #4: Siblings learn to fight early on. It's a sad state of affairs.

Gymboree, etc.

Nonna CJ is in town for a few days, and Papa Angelo will be arriving tomorrow. CJ got to come to Gymboree with us today, so I had the chance to take pictures and video!

Today's theme was "Tunnels." Here's is some video of a tunnel that rocks back and forth and babies tumbling out!

"Are we having fun yet?"

"Yes, we are!"

Poppy climbing her favorite little mountain

Olive found a fun mirror.

"Hey, good lookin'!"

"Don't rock to boat, Nonna!"


Under the parachute

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes Life Gets Messy

Well hello there!  It's Jill.  I know - it's been a while since I posted anything.  Joe must have been overly caffeinated this morning when he said he'd post pictures tonight because he's been asleep for a while now (and it's not even 9 PM).  A promise is a promise, however, so I am stepping up to the plate to bring you what you really want - PICTURES (and even a little motion picture action).  You can thank me later.

So the girls are just over 10 months old now.  They have lots of teeth (although Poppy only has upper teeth on one side of her mouth - it's weird.  And she kind of looks like a hillbilly).  Both girls are walking -- Olive's only taking a few steps at a time, but she is determined to catch up to her sister!  It seems as though our little monkeys like to do things at the same time.  Actually, they want to do everything at the same time - in the same place.  Sometimes this causes problems.  Other times, it just causes cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness, I always thought that parents let their kids get messy during meals so that they could take cute pictures.  For those of you without kids, that is not true.  Every meal is messy when kids are learning to feed themselves (and when I say learning to feed themselves, what I mean is when they refuse to let you feed them).  Case in point:  life with twins and avocado is messy.

Oy!  I think I went through an entire package of baby wipes trying to clean them up.  Honestly, I could not do that three times a day everyday.  If I stayed home with the kids, one of two things would be different - either every would be covered in saran wrap (a la Dexter), or everyone and everything would be dirty all the time.  I have no idea how Joe does it -- I'm just glad he does! 

Oh, while I'm on the topic of parental misconceptions, let's discuss drool.  Again, I never understood why parents would show me pictures of their kids covered in drool.  I mean, why wouldn't they just wipe off the drool before they started taking pictures.  I'll tell you why.  Kids drool constantly (well, at least mine do).  They drool so much that when you get a picture of them without drool covering their faces you stare at the picture and wonder what's missing.  Which leads me to my third misconception - bibs should only be worn for eating.  Nope.  In this house, bibs must be worn at all times (I refer you to my earlier comment about saran wrap).  Anyway, here are some pictures of my kids covered in their own saliva.   

Now for the moment that you've all been waiting for - rare footage of Poppy walking.  To be honest, she walks all the time - and so does Olive - but they are completely obsessed with the video camera, so Joe literally has to hide behind walls to catch them in the act!  He's like the baby paparazzi.  The first (undercover) video shows Olive and Poppy playing in their new foam house right before Poppy starts to walk away.  The second video is proof that trying to shoot video of the girls is nearly impossible (mostly Poppy's fault, might I add).  And the third video is some Olive footage just to even out the playing field.