Daisypath - Happy Birthday

Monday, August 27, 2012

Insect Safari Week

Olive and Poppy learned about so many different insects at this camp. They learned about ladybugs, cicadas, butterflies, and dragonflies. Bugs is a serious passion of theirs, especially worms!

Poppy and a worm

Olive looking sneaky as always

Comparing bugs

In the butterfly house

I can't reach!

See the monarch?

It's so sunny.

Playing at Ashland

Pretending to be in a bird's nest

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Rest of the Animals

Old MacDonald Camp has come to a close. Every day was a race to tell me about the day's events. Each day focused on a different animal, as seen by the crafts.

Poppy and Olive with their cows

Peace, love, and cows



Old MacDonald!
They didn't want their pictures taken, but I got this one of Olive. They took a hay ride pulled by a tractor.

Insect Safari began today and will last a week. Here are Poppy and Olive with their bug jars. They are allowed to keep a bug in them each day until they are picked up.