Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lazy Days in Alabama (and Florida), Part 1

So, the girls are loving Alabama (and Florida) with Papa and Nonna.  Our days include swimming (kiddie pool and big pool), Sugar Rush bakery, playgrounds, fountain splashing, the beach (for the first time!), and more.  My dad, the amazing photographer that he is, took the photos.  Enjoy!



"Um, I'm eating."--Olive 

Poppy holding Mama's leg 

Olive loves her multiple sippy cups. 

I think they're tired.  Believe it or not, Olive is the one in the foreground.  She looks so much like Poppy in this picture!

"We're just gonna stay away from the action..."--Annie and Precious 

 Poppy's smile

Our first beach experience!
Me and Poppy

Nonna has Olive in this picture. 

Sandy hands 

I'm getting hot and sandy :-( 

"We'll, I guess it is kind of fun..." 

Friday, July 23, 2010

On Vacation!

We have arrived!  We took the girls on their first plane ride to see Papa and Nonna in Alabama.  We rarely get to visit them, and it's wonderful to have all four of us down there at once.  

People watching in the airport at 4am.

"This is gonna be scary!"

"Are we there yet?"

At Aunt Nicki and Uncle Jason's bakery, Sugar Rush.

Playing with flowers

"They taste so good."

Olive in her element--sitting on the ground.  This is at friends Cindy and Paul's house.

A very thirsty Poppy


Right in the kisser!

"I'd like a bath, please."

Dirt doesn't taste so good.

So, that's where the dirt came from!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Must She Climb Into Everything?

Yes.  Poppy must climb into everything!  You've seen Poppy climbing into random, too small containers and Olive climbing into the toy chest.  Recently Poppy got injured doing so.  She was trying to get out and kept hitting her lower back on the inside lip of the front of the toy chest.  Poor thing has a bruise from it!  However, that doesn't stop her from finding her way into other containers!

"You caught me."

"I like it in here."

"Now, how do I get out?"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two Weeks of Activity

Apparently Poppy is an old pro at watching parades!

Me and Olive


Tea Party with Shaefer, Poppy, and Mark

All decorated for Poppy and Olive's first birthday party!

Of course, the theme was monkeys.

"Happy birthday to you..."

Poppy in her party dress

"Which CD should I listen to first?"-Olive

Happy camper Memphis

Mark with his monkey hat

"I love you, Memphis."-Poppy

After a swim

Let me in...

...there we go!

"That was cold!"-Poppy

"I'll show you how it's done."-Olive

"Oh, yeah.  That's the stuff!"-Olive

Someone (Poppy) needs a napkin.

"I used to fit so nicely in this."-Poppy

"I guess we're big girls now, because I don't fit, either!"-Olive

Wearing mommy's baby clothes

The doctor says Olive is 20 lbs., 2 oz. ...

...and Poppy is 21 lbs., 5 oz.!

Testing out new chairs

Poppy in Jill's baby dress

Longwood Gardens

With Mom-mom in front of the Italian Water Garden

This photo was taken by Mom-mom... Beautiful!

"Poppy, I bet you could float on one of those lily pads.  Psych!"-Me

Olive under an olive tree

Me and my girls

Humidity + Jersey parents = Jersey curls for Olive

"Let's jump in!"

Poppy playing with water

Poppy standing on a chair--her favorite activity!

Poppy down on the farm

Olive calling the dog-"Laika!"

Cheapest toy ever!