Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Farm Fun Days

Wednesdays in the summertime is Coverdale Farm's Farm Fun Days. The farm is opened to self-guided tours to see the animals and gardens. If you know my kids, you know that any place with animals is a crowd pleaser. We saw 1 week old chicks, a 2 month old calf, 1 week old piglets, lots of sheep, chickens, and played in the garden.


A sheep and Poppy

Seriously, how cute is this!

It took lots of coaxing for Olive to look at the camera. She was feeding wild strawberries to the chickens.

We Finally Have a Swing Set!

I don't remember the reason why we didn't get one last year, but we have one now! It's an early birthday gift from Mom-mom. Thank you! Our requirements were: a tire swing, a slide, a rock wall, and at least 3 things to swing on. We hit an awesome sale and found exactly what we were looking for!

Pre-construction parts

Hire a crew. I was not about to do this by myself!


Poppy untwisting


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wilmington Flower Market

At the Wilmington Flower Market, Poppy looked at this goat and said, "Oh, what pretty earrings!"

Then she got reprimanded for getting too close to the pig's mouth. Apparently, that's a dangerous move.

 We visited the petting zoo 3 times! It was the highlight for them. This was Olive's favorite goat because it had horns.

Poppy was feeding the animals one piece of food at a time. I think our first stop at the animals was about 30 minutes long.

 Kiss me, Olive!

 Poppy loved the trampolines.

 Olive wasn't in the mood. She did this at another fair recently and had a wonderful time. Not today! Also, she peed a little.

 Here are Olive and Mom-mom on the flying dogs. Olive and Poppy are finally starting to enjoy carnival rides!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No More Pull-Ups!

I don't want to forget this momentous occasion. Sunday night, Poppy and Olive declared that they don't want to wear Pull-ups anymore. So on Monday morning, I reminded them of their decision, and it has been smooth sailing! Of course, they still wear them at night just in case. I can finally cancel my automatic delivery from Amazon!

Smith Memorial Playground

We went to Smith Memorial Playground last weekend in Philadelphia, and except for a tumble off a piece of equipment (Poppy) and a stick in the eye (also Poppy), we had lots of fun! We met Grandma Ro and Pop-pop Joe there, played, and had a picnic lunch. Here are two of my favorite videos from the day. Enjoy!

Long Awaited Visit From My Dad

If you can't tell by the resemblance, this is my dad and me. My dad (Papa Angelo) is finally able to travel after his September lung transplant, and I haven't seen him since the summer. He and Nonna CJ recently spent 2 days with us. It's a relief to see my dad without an oxygen tank. He has a multitude of side effects from his drug regimen, but he can BREATHE! Papa and Nonna were bursting at the seams to spend time with their grandchildren, and we all had a blast!

Soccer Practice


I think someone's getting a soccer ball and net for her birthday...

Our lilac bush fell during a rainstorm, so it had to be removed. It's the perfect place for my fig tree!

The kids wanted to show their strength by carrying rocks. All toes are still in tact.

Poppy sneaking a basil leaf

What's at the end of this slinky?

It's Nonna!

It was such a beautiful day, I set up the water play table.

I think Poppy is getting splashed in this picture.

Let's water Nonna's shoes!

This picture looks like it was taken in the 70's.

Olive's waving at Papa


My dad likes to capture the action as it happens. You could make a flip book from this next set of pictures!

Of course, Olive loves watermelon, too.

She also likes mango.

It's my secret, too.


I love this picture of Olive and Nonna.

Getting ready for a walk in the woods

Picking flowers for Nonna

Can I help you, Poppy?

I guess not...

I love you anyway!

Olive looks so sneaky!

 Olive amongst the dandelions

Poppy found a baby strawberry!