Friday, January 10, 2014

Florida Dec. 18, 2013 to Jan. 8, 2014

The Agros arrive in Florida!! December 18, 2013

Olive, Jill and Poppy--all dolled up for dinner at Cecconi's

At South Point, playing with Jayden 

Olive, Joe and Poppy overlooking government cut (South Point)



Aunt Karen and Dani came for a visit

Poppy and Daddy in the mouth of a shark!
Science and Discovery Museum in Fort Lauderdale

Olive in the jaws of a shark!



Heading for the Bluefoot Pirate adventure!

Poppy didn't want a bandana or mustashe

The girls, doing dance steps in front of the TV

Poppy and Olive--I love this picture!

Their first big broadway production "ELF"
we made it half way through.

Good morning my little love bugs!

A visit to the barn where cousin Dani keeps her horse.



Poppy, trying to reach "Cloudy"

Olive, at Uncle Danny's house--she's so happy to play with the dogs



Olive, Sophie (the dog) and Daniella

Poppy, Sophie and Olive

The girls helping Brandon light the chiminia by the pool.

Ready to go canoeing!

Olive and Poppy in the middle and mom mom in the back

Daddy in front

The play room at the Blue Diamond

Good morning, Olive

Good morning, Poppy

We just watched the sun come up!

A few more days, and Santa will arrive!

Painting at the Children's Museum of Miami

Olive, singing her little heart out in the recording studio.

Poppy wanted to try on mom mom's Christmas earrings.

Not Olive!

Daddy and Poppy dancing at "Cool-de-sac"

Mom mom and her girls at Gulfstream Race Track

A present from Santa!

Making Christmas cookies