Monday, June 30, 2008

A Quick Word About Blogging

If you're reading this post, then you are aware that I blog - something that I usually feel compelled to apologize for (much like being a lawyer). What you may not realize is that YOU blog, as well (you're reading this, aren't you?)! To the non-blogging community, blogging is weird. Not true. Blogging is fun and easy and meant for everyone (even the tech-unsavvy). As proof, there are more than 100 million blogs on the internet! Click here for a full explaination of blogging.

As I've undoubtedly explained to many of you, blogging has enriched my life. I have interesting topics to discuss with friends and coworkers, and I am usually the first to hear about new developments or products in which I would be interested. Of course, one of my favorite aspects of blogging is finding sales and great gift ideas for the wonderful people in my life. Blogs, for the most part, are kept up-to-date, so I always have the most current knowledge of new products, sales and legal decisions (not as interesting, I know). The point is that since I talk about the things I read, people know that I am current on technology, local news and the law in Delaware, and they don't hesitate to ask me a question if one to which I might know the answer arises. It makes me feel connected.

Speaking of connected, many bloggers write about personal information or experiences. You never know where you'll find a new friend, or just someone to turn to when you need a good laugh (or cry).

All this being said, I was so excited yesterday when Joe unexpectedly asked if I could teach him how to blog (not to actually write a blog, mind you, but how to find one that he likes and subscribe). I immediately had him create an iGoogle homepage and sign up for Google Reader - I thought this might be a fluke, so I wanted to get him blogging ASAP! He quickly found some sites that he enjoyed and is now a confirmed blogger! I'm so proud of you, Honey!

This got me thinking - maybe some of you are ready to blog, but you don't know where or how to start. If you're interested, I'd be happy to help. I'll even go so far as to set up Google Reader for you and find a few blogs that you might like. Just say the word!

**If you care to see some of the things that I read, you can check out the link to the left "What Jill's Reading", or click on some of the links under the heading "Blogroll". A blogroll is simply a list of the blogs that I read everyday. Not all of the blogs I read are posted - but I might work on that in the near future.

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