Monday, March 8, 2010

Back to Normal!

After 3 weeks, the babies are back to normal! By normal, I mean they are not sick anymore (although Jill still is). This is just in time to enjoy the warm weather we had this weekend. Of course, we went for a stroll in the park yesterday and today. The fresh air really gave the girls energy!

In other news, Jill finally got to meet our new cousin Memphis. Snow and/or sickness kept us from him for many, many weeks, but yesterday they came for a visit! We had a full house: Maria, David, Shaefer, Memphis, Grandmom Rosalie, Pop-pop Joe, and friends Amy and Mark. In all the excitement, I barely took any pictures. But, here are some of the guest of honor...

Now for some Poppy and Olive news. They got a new toy chest and love it! It's Clifford, the big, red dog.

Here is a funny video for your enjoyment. You need some background first... Each night, Poppy and Olive crawl into the bathroom for bath time wearing only their diapers. The tile floor must be too cold for them, so it really messes up their stride. In the video, Poppy is doing the one-legged slide, and Olive is doing the elephant walk.

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