Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This weekend, Poppy and Olive were baptized. It was a triple baptism; my nephew Memphis was also christened. We had about 100 people at the reception which was planned mainly by Jill. She worked so hard on the details of the Candyland theme that a big "Thank You" is deserved... So, thank you, Honey! You did a great job! There was a candy buffet, candy centerpieces, and giant candy decorations hanging from the ceiling.

Amongst the planning and all the craziness that comes with raising twins, Jill and I found time to do one more thing. We made Poppy and Olive's christening gowns. We learned how to knit a few years ago and decided to create heirlooms to be passed down to our grandchildren and beyond. We each made one. However, we didn't realize how much time we would need to make the dresses, and we finished them by the skin of our teeth... we had to pull an all-nighter the night before the baptism! We started the dresses in January, and we estimate that they each took about 100 hours of work. I hope you enjoy the pictures! I hope to post more as I receive them from others.

Poppy and Me

Jill and Olive

Olive showing off her dress

Poppy on the left and Olive on the right


Maria and Memphis

Olive, Jill, me, and Poppy

Olive, Jill, me, Poppy, Maria, and Memphis

Poppy with her godparents, Bill and Linda

Olive with her godparents, Chara and Jim

Candy Buffet

Poppy with Grandmom and Pop-pop

Linda and Jill


JPitkin said...

Just amazing! You two are super parents! Great job on the dresses (so talented) and the Candyland theme ( very creative). All the best - Janis

Patty said...

The dresses are beautiful, such a fabulous idea!!! Your blog always puts a smile on my face, don't know how you find the time. I saw some old pics on Todd's FB and I knew which was you, your girls look JUST like you!