Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lazy Days in Alabama (and Florida), Part 1

So, the girls are loving Alabama (and Florida) with Papa and Nonna.  Our days include swimming (kiddie pool and big pool), Sugar Rush bakery, playgrounds, fountain splashing, the beach (for the first time!), and more.  My dad, the amazing photographer that he is, took the photos.  Enjoy!



"Um, I'm eating."--Olive 

Poppy holding Mama's leg 

Olive loves her multiple sippy cups. 

I think they're tired.  Believe it or not, Olive is the one in the foreground.  She looks so much like Poppy in this picture!

"We're just gonna stay away from the action..."--Annie and Precious 

 Poppy's smile

Our first beach experience!
Me and Poppy

Nonna has Olive in this picture. 

Sandy hands 

I'm getting hot and sandy :-( 

"We'll, I guess it is kind of fun..." 

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Anonymous said...

Joe, the girls are adorable in these pix! Don't feel bad, you're cute too! Love
Aunt Linda ox