Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lazy Days in Alabama (and Florida), Part 2

As you may know, the family traveled to Alabama a few weeks back (On Vacation!).  Here is another installment of photos.  Enjoy!

The girls (especially Poppy) were enthralled with the dog beds at Papa and Nonna's.  They served as wonderful pillows...

...and play mats.

"Ah, plastic containers, you're so good to us!"--Olive

"Does this hat make me look like I have a pig nose?"--Poppy

Here's my little southern belle Poppy playing in the sprinkler next to the vegetable garden at Aunt Nicki and Uncle Jason's house.

Daisy was banished after a humping incident.  Olive's waiting patiently for her to re-enter.  I couldn't get Daisy's eyes to look normal, so she looks creepy.

At the beach, we set up a mattress on the floor for the kids.  They started out like this...

...and ended up like this...

...and this.

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