Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painting Project

You deserve an explanation... My computer was in the shop for about a week which is part of the reason I couldn't update the blog.  Second, I am EXHAUSTED at night!  Jill got a new job a few weeks back and is working like a dog.  She is usually home after the kids are already in bed and has been working weekends.  This is NOT a complaint; it's a reason.  Thank you all for being patient with me and to my wonderful wife for working so hard!

I did have time, however to make a shape and size sorting box for the kids.  I flattened a diaper box, cut out shapes with an Exacto knife, glued it back together, and painted it pink.  The rest was up to the girls!  I still get anxious when they wield paintbrushes or play with messy things, but I am making an effort to do more crafty projects with them.  After all, they love making messes!

Olive choosing yellow

Poppy choosing blue

Here's the set-up: two splat mats, bowls and paper plates for paint, paper for multitasking, and smocks made by our friend Aimee all on a fake hardwood floor for easy cleanup.

Olive the Red-nosed Baby


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