Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Poppy and Olive!

Happy Birthday to our children!  Seriously?  Two years?  I still don't believe it, even though it is true.  It has been the most difficult, most challenging, and most satisfying 2 years.  Here is a monthly recap of Poppy and Olive's 2nd year.

13 Months Old
Olive is in pink, and Poppy is in yellow.  Look how pudgy they are!

14 Months Old
Olive and Poppy in their favorite tree

15 Months Old
Poppy with a fake goose

Olive with fake birds on a clothesline

16 Months Old
Poppy and Olive eating a sticky snack

17 Months Old
Olive decorating the tree

Poppy decorating the tree

18 Months Old
Olive taking a break from unwrapping a gift

Poppy just unwrapped a gift

19 Months Old
Olive on the couch

Poppy falling asleep

20 Months Old
Olive and Poppy in the playhouse with Uncle Jim

21 Months Old
Olive reunited with our old dog, Penelope

Poppy stating her opinion

22 Months Old
Olive and Poppy playing

23 Months Old
Poppy and Olive returning from the jungle

2 Years Old (Minus 3 days)
Poppy, Jill, me, and Olive about to dig into birthday cake

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