Friday, July 15, 2011

Potty Training, Day 1

Yes, you read that correctly.  It's potty training weekend for Poppy and Olive.  And, Mom-mom is the lucky volunteer to help me since Jill is working on a few big cases and will be working all weekend.  First, let's say it can be difficult to know when to train and what method to use.  I think most agree that you potty train when the child is ready.  We have had 2 potties for about 6 months.  Most days, I'd try to get the kids to sit on the potty once or twice for as long as possible, and a few successes were inevitable.  They understand all the lingo, usually tell us when they are dirty, and recently they have wanted to have their diaper changed.  When you decide to actually train,  you must decide on a method.  I considered Potty Training in a Day (many books on this technique), child centered (the child decides it's time to get rid of diapers on her own), and the Naked and $75 Method (the cost of carpet cleaning).  I chose the latter.  After breakfast, naked time (and wearing big girl panties) commenced.  Each time there was a success, I gave a special treat.  It started as marshmallows, but they soon tired of them.  I switched to M&Ms as per Mom-mom's suggestion.  Much more motivating!  

By nap time, 1 P.M., the kids had blown through 12 pairs of panties!  How did they pee that much?  They each peed in 6 pairs and had at least 6 pee-pees in the potty each: some just dribbles, some a whole potty full.  After nap time, I could tell they were getting frustrated and annoyed with the whole situation, but we powered through and even had our first unassisted potty poo by Olive!  Overall, today's experience was much better than I expected.  We'll see what tomorrow brings!

Poppy and Olive enjoying marshmallows

Let Poppy demonstrate the procedure...
Step 1: Pee and transport

Step 2: Pour into big potty

Step 3: Flush!  Bye-bye, pee-pee!

Olive--Don't spill it!

Salty snacks and big girl panties

Poppy--Is it over yet?  This is exhausting!

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