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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pictures and Videos from Christmas

This Christmas was very different from last year. Olive and Poppy actually understood that they were getting presents "from Santa." A month before Christmas, we introduced their Elf on the Shelf, Crunchy (they named him). So, they anticipated Christmas for a while, and finally Santa came! I cannot express the joy that I felt watching their excitement as they opened presents. There is no comparison in the world.  Poppy and Olive even like to look at these pictures and videos from Christmas day. I hope you enjoy them, too!

Poppy opening Cootie

Olive examining her Play-Doh


Twin dolls

Skippyjon Jones doll and book

Elmo's Tickle Hands

Poppy's favorite gift... the dolls

Olive's favorite gift... a fuzzy puppy

Loving Mom-mom's new work of art

Me and Olive sleeping

What a spread!

Jill's aunt, uncle, and cousins enjoyed Christmas dinner with us.

Goodnight, Christmas.

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