Monday, April 9, 2012

Terrible Easter Pictures

I took over 100 pictures on Easter, and only 20 are worth posting. Some are just posted because they're so bad. I had to do a lot of cropping, sometimes finding one good face in a sea of many and zooming in almost to the point of blur. But that doesn't mean we didn't have a great time at Grandma and Pop-pop's! There were over 30 people and Pop-pop made slow-roasted orange duck that the kids LOVED! (Maybe it was Peking duck.) Hopefully, I'll have some good videos to post. The kids are actually napping at the moment, so maybe I'll venture on to watching videos.

Olive's Easter basket

Poppy's Easter basket
Notice the Max and Ruby dolls in the middle of each basket. Max and Ruby is the obsession du jour for both of them.

"Olive, can you PLEASE turn around so I can take a picture?"
She downed an eggful of M&Ms shortly after this.

Poppy went right for the ring pops.

Olive and her mommy
Did you notice the hands grabbing Jill's fingers? 

Poppy did not want her picture taken

Nephew Shaefer
If he says "cheese," he smiles crookedly. If he says "monkey," his smile straightens and he pulls his ear.

Nephew Memphis
I don't have a good picture of David, his dad, but they look the same. This counts.

My Sister Maria

Poppy asking for candy


Jill again

Aunt Sue

Maria, Freddie, and Susie

Olivia and Nicasia

Roman and Julian

Nonna Josephine

Rom, Natalie, and Aunt Michele

Louie Louie

They are only smiling because they were bribed with candy.

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