Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wilmington Flower Market

At the Wilmington Flower Market, Poppy looked at this goat and said, "Oh, what pretty earrings!"

Then she got reprimanded for getting too close to the pig's mouth. Apparently, that's a dangerous move.

 We visited the petting zoo 3 times! It was the highlight for them. This was Olive's favorite goat because it had horns.

Poppy was feeding the animals one piece of food at a time. I think our first stop at the animals was about 30 minutes long.

 Kiss me, Olive!

 Poppy loved the trampolines.

 Olive wasn't in the mood. She did this at another fair recently and had a wonderful time. Not today! Also, she peed a little.

 Here are Olive and Mom-mom on the flying dogs. Olive and Poppy are finally starting to enjoy carnival rides!


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