Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas. Mom, Joe, and Gramma Jo spent the evening and morning with us. 

My mom and me

Mom and Gramma

Olive, Pop-pop, and Poppy waiting to eat the turkey


I love Poppy's expression in this picture.

Sick of appetizers... where's the turkey!

Jill and Olive, who was not amused

Santa came!

Poppy's a little confused

They blend right into the scene, don't they?

Olive got markers!

Poppy found her markers, too. 

Poppy and Olive each asked Santa for a fire truck.

Poppy--What to open next?

I love this picture of Olive.

Poppy opening her book of 1,885 stickers.

Poppy is protective of her jungle treehouse.

"Here, have this!"--Olive

Olive's face was priceless when she walked into the playroom.

A horse...

 ...and a wardrobe!


And, finally, the videos...

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