Thursday, November 12, 2009

Food, Family, and Fun, Part 2

Now, the family.

Aunt Sandy came to visit last week, and the babies loved seeing her! Aunt Sandy had a trip planned about a month ago but got sick and couldn't make it down. Finally, she was able to spend time here. Thanks for helping us out while you were here... it is greatly appreciated. Olive and Poppy miss you!

This past weekend, we drove to Maria and David's house so that the cousins (Poppy, Olive, and Shaefer) could hang out before baby Memphis arrives this month. It was the longest car ride that the girls have ever taken. It was a long two hours for them, but since Jill and I took turns sitting between them, they did OK! The first picture is Maria, David, and Shaefer, and the second picture is Shaefer showing Olive how to play with the exersaucer. Memphis is the one in my sister's belly.

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