Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Joneses Come to Town

Last weekend, our friends Brian and Sam Jones drove for hours from Virginia to meet Olive and Poppy and to offer two extra sets of hands for the night. We had such a wonderful time together. We even groomed them a bit in case they have kids one day, "letting" them (making them) lend a hand where needed. I think they had fun; after all, who wouldn't love to play with babies all day long? Because Brian is such a wonderful photographer, he taught us how to use our new professional-grade digital camera. In the process, Jill and Brian both snapped some beautiful pictures of the girls. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

3 Photos taken by Grandmom Diane

Random Pictures

In a moment of super cuteness, Olive fell asleep in her jumperoo.

Hanging out in the park

Back at home...

These are the pictures that Brian took at the park.

One final note... On Monday, I thought that Poppy and Olive were getting sick. All day long, they cried and slept and barely ate anything. It really took a lot out of me. However, I was rescued by my wonderful mother-in-law! She knew it was a rough day and drove down to relieve me for a bit. Thanks so much, mom!

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