Thursday, July 2, 2009


Poppy and Olive arrived home yesterday, Wednesday, 7/1/2009. It's so nice being home from the hospital... believe it or not, we can actually sleep without being interrupted (except for babies, of course). Grandma Diane is a wonderful help. When Jill and I need sleep or just an extra hand, she jumps in without hesitation to help us keep our sanity. Grandma Rosalie and Grandpa Joe are coming tonight to visit, which will definitely help us relax.

This morning was our first doctor's appointment and outing. Poppy is now 5 pounds, 12 ounces, and Olive is now 4 pounds, 6 (almost 7) ounces. They each lost weight in the hospital and have started gaining it back already. It's a typical cycle.

Because we already have hundreds of pictures and videos of our new babies, and because I don't have the focus to sort through all of them, I have posted a smattering of them below. Enjoy!

Poppy's Godmother, Linda

Poppy's Godfather, Billy

Olive's Godparents, Jim and Chara

Getting dolled up for the ride home!

Strapped in for the roller coaster ride home

Home at last!

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CJ Agro said...

Those baby girls are SO very cute. Such angels! Thanks so much for posting the pics and especially the videos. It's wonderful to hear their little voices...and yours, too.
See all you all soon!