Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two Weeks Old

There's never a dull moment at the Agro house these days! Last night, we took a quick trip to the Emergency Room -- not for the girls -- for their daddy. Joe ran into our ottoman and broke his toe. The doctors sent him home with a fancy shoe and crutches. He's doing just fine, but I bet he's already tired of hearing, "How are you going to take care of twins with crutches?!" I know I've asked him that question at least a dozen times already! So, if you're reading this and you don't have anything to do, come on down and lend us a couple of hands, arms and legs! No reasonable offers of help will be refused (or even questioned).

Joe's mom, Rosalie, also took a trip to the hospital this week - although her visit was for a scheduled shoulder surgery. Everything went well and she is back home. Of course she is very sore and will be out of commission for quite a while! The girls will definitely miss two-armed hugs from Grandma Rosalie for the next couple of months.

Our family to the south also sent someone to the hospital this week. CJ and Ange's chihuahua, Precious, underwent surgery on her leg. I don't think Precious has been sent home yet, so keep her in your thoughts. Grandma CJ (Nonna) actually came up from Alabama last week to visit her friend Sue, who is fighting a courageous battle with cancer. While she was in town, she stopped by to meet her new grand daughters. She was such a great help! Thanks, CJ!

That's enough bad news for a while...so here's some good news -- the girls are doing great! Poppy now weighs 6 lb 10 oz and measures 21 inches. Olive weighs a little over 5 pounds and measures almost 20 inches. Poppy's umbilical cord fell off last night and she has the cutest little belly button! Olive's is hanging on by a thread and should fall off in the next couple of days. Both babies are eating well and as you will see from the pictures, Olive is really starting to fill out! Speaking of pictures:

Pictures of Olive

Pictures of Poppy

Pictures of the Girls

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Sharon said...

I SUPERLOVE the pic with them in their red dresses!!!! Sooo beautiful!!!!