Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Pictures and Videos of the Girls

Hello Everyone! Joe did such an awesome job updating the blog during the girls' first couple weeks of life!  I always knew that he would make a great father, but he surprises me every day. He was born to be a daddy. I hope our girls will grow to appreciate how lucky they are to have the most wonderful man in the world as their father.

We have been keeping quite busy. On Monday, we took Olive and Poppy to their first photo session. We wanted to get some professional pictures taken for their birth announcements (which will be sent out as soon as we see the pictures and can get them printed). The girls were semi cooperative and the photographer (Jessica Barnak) got some fantastic shots. I can't wait to see them! Jessica was awesome and we had a great time at her beautiful studio. However, the girls had to be naked for most of the shots, and I don't even want to tell you how many things they peed on -- including their daddy. Let's just say I was so proud that they didn't poo on anything (or anyone).

I wish I was as talented as Jessica, but these pictures and videos will have to suffice for now. Enjoy!


Grandmom Diane dressed Poppy up for a couple of pictures

Poppy doing what she does best -- SLEEP!

A very proud PopPop Lewie with Olive (on the left) and Poppy (on the right)

Me feeding our little Pop Tart

PopPop Lewie and Olive

Poppy and Olive in Grandmom Diane's bed

Olive holding on to her pacifier


This is a picture of Joe and Olive at Jessica Barnak's studio. Joe had to wear a tight black shirt for one of the pictures and Olive was in her pink pettiskirt for another picture. Joe tucked a blanket into his pants in case one of the girls decided to pee on him. Ultimately, it was Poppy who peed on Daddy!
Poppy and Olive -- aren't they so sweet?!


Grandmom Diane and the Girls

PopPop Lewie Learns About Thrush

Poppy's Kissy Face

The Girls' First Outing

Great Grandmom Josephine and Grandmom Rosalie with the Twins

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