Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements

During four of the last five nights, Poppy Jane has slept for 7+ hours at a time! And, last night, Olive Rose slept 6 hours for the first time! Hopefully, this is the beginning of a regular schedule. This is in sharp contrast to the 2-4 hour sleep stretches that have been the norm since birth. The general schedule is:

5:30am--Begin to wake up; usually eat a meal.
5:30am-7:30am--Groggy; maybe nap; then eat again.
7:30am-8:30am--Play time*
8:30am-10:30am--Morning nap
10:30am-5pm--Mix of play time, naps, eating, and juice.
5pm--Begin nighttime routine, including bath, dinner, time with mommy (weekdays).
8pm-9pm--Lights out!
9pm-5:30am--Sleeping and eating

*Play time includes Jumparoo, bouncy chair, listening to music and dancing with daddy, listening to a story, walking in the park, watching Brainy Baby or Baby Einstein, staring at things, babbling with an adult, eating hands, etc.

Note: Times are approximate and subject to change at the whim of either child.

The most recent addition to what used to be the living room (now the playroom) is the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumparoo. Just like with the mobile, the girls were a bit overwhelmed and confused the first time they used it.

Olive multitasking---the cradle chair under the hanging toys!

Look, Ma, no hands!
Daddy needs a break.
Beautiful outfits from Nonna CJ. They tried their hardest to eat the bows!

The rarely seen Jill-in-the-Park!

Olive in the harness.
Their tree in Bellevue Park.

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