Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Extravaganza

This past weekend, Poppy and Olive went to our twin cousins' 7th birthday party. Happy birthday, Nicasia and Olivia! The party theme was "Carnival," and the kids got to play lots of fun games. There was also a trampoline. How cool!

Olive with cousin Sara

Blondie Marcello and Shaefer's head--on the trampoline!

Cousin Gianna in the hula-hoop contest

Nicasia, one of the birthday girls, in the hula-hoop contest--I thought I took pictures of Olivia, but I guess not. Send them to me if you have them!
Olive and Grandma Jo

Poppy, Shaefer, and Olive

There's your nose!
Sister Maria and Olive
Poppy and Grandma Rosalie

Sister Maria with her son, Shaefer

Shaefer Says, "Bye!"

Shaefer Talks

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