Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad Daddy

Where has the time gone??? Apparently, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind because I haven't checked on the blog. I think about it every day.... honest! The most important piece of news to share is that Olive has finally learned how to flip over! Oddly enough, she can flip over the same way Poppy can: from belly to back, and to the left. I almost got it on video; I missed it by milliseconds.

Also, the girls have really begun to drool lately, which is a sure sign that they are teething! Although it can take a few months for a tooth to come in, they are already chewing and gnawing on their teethers.

Finally, as the girls begin to interact more and more with each other, I've been able to catch some back and forth babbling! The first video is babbling and the second is babbling and whining. The third is me and Grandmom Diane giving the girls a taste of molasses while we made gingerbread cookies. Enjoy!