Saturday, January 2, 2010

All I Want for Christmas...

So Christmas has come and gone, and what a time it was! Poppy and Olive had an event filled first Christmas, so I want to share some highlights with you. First, the order of events is important. Christmas Eve was spent at Grandmom Diane and Pop-pop Lewie's house. Guests included Uncle Danny, Aunt Karen, their kids Brandon and Dani, cousin Tim and his new fiancee Krista, cousins Tara and John and their kids Jake and Carson, and Aunt Linda and Uncle Dan. We had a wonderful dinner and exchanged gifts with the family. Christmas was also spent at Grandmom's house with side trips to cousin Tara's house and Aunt Linda's house. Unfortunately, Jill did not get to have a fun filled Christmas because she had to work :-( I know. Work on Christmas? Unfortunately, yes. Anyway, the day after Christmas, I drove to my sister Maria's house which was also jam packed! Guests were Grandmom Rosalie and Pop-pop Joe, my sister Nicki and her husband Jason, Great-grandmom Josephine, cousin Sara, and of course Maria, David, Shaefer, and Memphis (his first Christmas, too!) I spent the night there with Olive and Poppy, and we had a blast. Here are the pictures from the whole weekend. Enjoy!
Christmas Eve: Uncle Danny and Olive

Olive in her Christmas pj's.

Grandmom and her brother

Tara with the girls

Tara, Carson, and Jake with the girls

Jake wanted to play with Poppy so badly!

That's better!

Even Laika celebrated!

Olive's big blues

Poppy amongst the gifts

Grandmom, Dani, and Poppy

Poppy's sparkly undies

Almost the whole gang

"Look, Ma, no hands!"

I'm upset that this picture of Brandon and Tara is a bit blurry...

Can you find Grandmom's tiny Santa hat?

Tim and Krista, who is awesome. It was so nice meeting her. She and Tim are a perfect match.

The Kornhauser/Agro Family

Karen is so cool!

Aunt Linda and Uncle Dan looking very studious

"I love wrapping paper!"

Now for Christmas morning: Poppy says, "See my new toys?"

Going on a winter expedition

"Mmmmm, paper!"

"I love my dolly!"

A sleepy Olive and mommy

Winding down Christmas night. Let's get naked!

The day after Christmas: Shaefer and his camera

Olive chewing on something. She doesn't care what it is!

Grandmom Rosalie and Memphis

Olive and Aunt Nicki

Memphis' first Christmas

Little Deer Olive

Shaefer opening his bouncing Tigger from Aunt Jill and Uncle Joe

Hand painted stools from Aunt Nicki and Uncle Jason


Beautiful clothing from Aunt Maria and Uncle David


Patty said...

Hi Joe,
Chuck and Todd's sister/sister in law Patty here again! I saw Todd over the holidays and he thought it was weird and hysterical that I read your blog. He was really confused about it!!! It looks like those little girls are getting big! Christmas pics are nice, Santa treated everyone well I see. I love following the life of Poppy and Olive. Keep up the good work, I wish I could be as diligent about updating my log as you are...just wait until they are 2!!!!

Anonymous said...