Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Pulling Up" or "Injuries Will Soon Follow"

These three videos portray a few things.

1. Poppy and Olive can both pull themselves up. (Hooray!!!)
2. Kids fall down A LOT. (It's sometimes funny.)
3. When you have multiples, they hurt each other, and the bumps and bruises increase exponentially. (See video number 1 in which Poppy lovingly bashes Olive's head into the crib bars.)

P.S. No babies were seriously injured in the making of these videos.


Miss Erin said...

The bumps and briuses never seem to end! Some days the only way I can identify who is in a picture is by the placement of their forehead bruise at the moment. I'm a slacker twin mom I guess!

Christopher said...

Awesome! That last vid it looks like all hell was about to break loose. Adorable! I gotta make my way down to see them soon.