Monday, May 31, 2010

Pre-summer Fun!

In preparation for summer, we bought Poppy and Olive their first (to my recollection) pair of flip flops.  They really seem to enjoy wearing them, maybe because they can see their feet.  Other shoes are ripped off after only 10 minutes!


See the bottom of Poppy's right flip flop?  She's trying to climb out the window!

Olive getting used to the flip flips

Yesterday, we took our first trip to the zoo.  It was the Brandywine Zoo, and they only have about 15 different species of animal.  However, it's perfect for a quick outing in the sun.  Poppy's on the left, and Olive is on the right.

Today, we set up a fun sprinkler for the girls to play with.  Lunch was so messy, we decided it would be an easier option than trying to wipe them off from head to toe!

Olive getting sprayed in the temple

Poppy enjoying herself



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