Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes Life Gets Messy

Well hello there!  It's Jill.  I know - it's been a while since I posted anything.  Joe must have been overly caffeinated this morning when he said he'd post pictures tonight because he's been asleep for a while now (and it's not even 9 PM).  A promise is a promise, however, so I am stepping up to the plate to bring you what you really want - PICTURES (and even a little motion picture action).  You can thank me later.

So the girls are just over 10 months old now.  They have lots of teeth (although Poppy only has upper teeth on one side of her mouth - it's weird.  And she kind of looks like a hillbilly).  Both girls are walking -- Olive's only taking a few steps at a time, but she is determined to catch up to her sister!  It seems as though our little monkeys like to do things at the same time.  Actually, they want to do everything at the same time - in the same place.  Sometimes this causes problems.  Other times, it just causes cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness, I always thought that parents let their kids get messy during meals so that they could take cute pictures.  For those of you without kids, that is not true.  Every meal is messy when kids are learning to feed themselves (and when I say learning to feed themselves, what I mean is when they refuse to let you feed them).  Case in point:  life with twins and avocado is messy.

Oy!  I think I went through an entire package of baby wipes trying to clean them up.  Honestly, I could not do that three times a day everyday.  If I stayed home with the kids, one of two things would be different - either every would be covered in saran wrap (a la Dexter), or everyone and everything would be dirty all the time.  I have no idea how Joe does it -- I'm just glad he does! 

Oh, while I'm on the topic of parental misconceptions, let's discuss drool.  Again, I never understood why parents would show me pictures of their kids covered in drool.  I mean, why wouldn't they just wipe off the drool before they started taking pictures.  I'll tell you why.  Kids drool constantly (well, at least mine do).  They drool so much that when you get a picture of them without drool covering their faces you stare at the picture and wonder what's missing.  Which leads me to my third misconception - bibs should only be worn for eating.  Nope.  In this house, bibs must be worn at all times (I refer you to my earlier comment about saran wrap).  Anyway, here are some pictures of my kids covered in their own saliva.   

Now for the moment that you've all been waiting for - rare footage of Poppy walking.  To be honest, she walks all the time - and so does Olive - but they are completely obsessed with the video camera, so Joe literally has to hide behind walls to catch them in the act!  He's like the baby paparazzi.  The first (undercover) video shows Olive and Poppy playing in their new foam house right before Poppy starts to walk away.  The second video is proof that trying to shoot video of the girls is nearly impossible (mostly Poppy's fault, might I add).  And the third video is some Olive footage just to even out the playing field. 

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