Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Please Touch Museum

What a blast it was!  The museum is huge, and even after 3 hours of play (which is pretty long for kids) we didn't even see every exhibit.  Mom-mom and I had lots of fun, but Poppy and Olive were absolutely amazed with everything they saw!  The lighting wasn't wonderful in some spots, so the pictures are only OK.  However, I was able to adjust some of them.

Olive riding a giant swan

Olive walking on the piano from the movie Big.

Poppy playing with the musical frogs

Can we please ride?


Poppy and me

Olive and me

Poppy--Nice birdies

Poppy hanging clothes

Olive hanging clothes

Poppy--"What a nice goose."

"Kiss me!"

Poppy steering the boat

This was the highlight for the girls!  It's one of those optical illusion rooms that makes you look like you're growing as you walk into it--a la Alice in Wonderland.

"Yep, we need more corn."

"And celery..."

"And cauliflower..."

"That's probably enough vegetables."

"Mmmm, peanut butter!"

Olive is delivering the mail.

In the fake shoe store, Poppy marvels at the size of my feet.

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