Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes I Don't Like Computers

I'm having some very frustrating issues with the internet tonight, so I'm glad I am able to post something!

Great-Gramma Stell (all the way from FL!) reading to Olive

I guess Olive had enough... Just kidding!  She loves her great-grandmom!

At the Cheesecake Factory for Cousin Sara's birthday, Poppy doesn't quite know how to work a menu yet.

"Do you have any specials today?"-Olive

"Excuse me, waiter."-Poppy

"I ate too much.  Blah."-Olive

The girls with Sara--Happy Birthday!

The girls with Grandmom Rosalie

A new toy


Olive is a daredevil!

"Talk to the hand."-Olive

Trying on shoes

The Great Outdoors
"These sticks are huge!"-Poppy

Poppy in a tree

"No hands!"-Olive

Poppy ate some mulch.

What a cute (and sneaky looking) grin!

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