Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kisses and More

The kisses come later.  First, I want to update you on some cool stuff.  The first update is that Olive can say "big truck"!  It's not a surprise since we have gotten anywhere from 1-8 packages every day for weeks.  And, how are packages delivered?  By big trucks.  Of course, the packages are holiday goods.  Jill organized gift giving for families in need... with 17 kids in all!  If each kid gets 3 gifts, that's 51 gifts total.  Our UPS guys must think we are nuts.  They come to the door and say silly things like, "There's only one package for you today," or "I'll get the other 29 boxes from the truck," or "Uh, Merry Christmas, I guess."  

Next is Poppy's apparent love for coloring.  No more coloring on boxes for her!  I bought some actual coloring books, and she took to them right away.  She even has a good crayon grip for a toddler.

As promised, here are the kisses or the "almost kiss" I should say.  Olive is on the left, and Poppy is on the right.

"I love you so much."


"Not the forehead!"

"That's as close as were gonna get."

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