Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Have Twins, Too!

I may have been a hypocrite.  I saw a woman in Costco with infant twins and accosted her, saying, "Congratulations!  We have twins, too!"  Of course, she replied, "Thank you!  We are finally out of the house!"  After a quick chit chat, I realized that I did to her what tends to bug me when I'm trying to get things done with the kids.  I interrupted her flow.  It's fun going places with the kids, but sometimes I just want to get done what I need to get done!  I usually have a list in hand, have a crazed look on my face (to deter salespeople at the mall for instance), and am walking at double speed.  So, I'm a hypocrite, but since I have twins myself, I think it's OK.  What do you think?  The mystery woman got stopped several more times by random people, so I feel kind of guilty. 

Anyway, she better get used to it.  Here are some pictures!  Enjoy!

Olive getting ready to fake smile

Olive fake smiling

"Leave me alone now.  I'm busy."

"Where did that other crayon go?"

Poppy concentrating...

... really hard.

Architectural genius


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I am "friendly" about it and other times I am plain rude to people. Sometimes you have to be so you can buy a gallon of milk without being stopped twenty times and it taking an hour! I am sure if she was bothered by it, you would have known!

Janis said...

If someone addresses me directly I am always friendly about it but I am not shy about moving this along. However, if someone is commenting indirectly about my twins ("aren't those twins cute", me ("bet she has her hands full") or my gear ("wow, that is a huge stroller"), I give them the cold shoulder. I know I should be elated to hear someone talk about me or my kids, but I guess I "have my hands full" and need to get back to pushing my "huge stroller".