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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

18 Month Well Visit

Quick update because I'm EXHAUSTED... 

Went to the doctor's for 18 month check up on Monday with the help of Grandma Ro.  Current stats are:

Poppy, 24 lbs., 1 oz., 33.25 in. long
Olive, 23 lbs., 4 oz., 32.5 in. long

Olive-- "La, la, la.  The doctor's is fun!"

Poppy-- "No, it's not!"

Olive-- "Shots?  Let's get this over with..."

Me and Olive

Decided to have snack while waiting for doc.  Such graceful eaters.

Typical Poppy-- "I got it first!"


Olive on left, Poppy on right 

"How'd they get THERE?"


Horrible picture but it embodies Poppy's robust love of food.

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