Friday, October 15, 2010

15 Month Check-up and Lots of Photos

Only 2 weeks late, we finally had the girls' 15 month check-up today!  Here are the stats...

Poppy: 23 lbs., 2 oz.; 31 in. tall/long
Olive: 22 lbs., 1 oz.; 30.75 in. tall/long

Compare to 21 lbs., 5 oz., and 20 lbs., 2 oz., at their 1 year appointment.  And, they each grew 0.75 in. since then.  Each girl also got 3 shots: one in each thigh and one in the left arm.  Needless to say, they were not very happy about that!

Pre-needle reading

Olive--"Going to see the doctor is fun!"

Poppy--"I think you just jinxed us.  I hear needles!"

OK.  Just one more picture of Jill on her birthday!

"Rain, rain, go away..."

I love the perspective in this picture even though you can't see the people very well!
Mama and her babies

Poppy and Olive at their rock in the park

Perfect for climbing



Pop-pop Lewie with Poppy

Poppy kissing her baby

Olive hugging her dog

Me and my Olive

Don't ask me what is happening here with Poppy.

Poppy eating blocks


Olive and Poppy

I turned around for one second Olive produced this.  It's like Poltergeist.  Just kidding... I built it!

Olive and her mama

Poppy in the crisp fall air

Olive bundled up

So close...

There.  I made it! (Poppy climbing)

New favorite hangout spot which I don't like so much!
Poppy and Olive


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