Friday, August 14, 2009

Identical or Not?

We finally got the results of the placental analysis and the verdict is.... inconclusive! They cannot say for sure whether Poppy and Olive are identical or fraternal based on the placenta. However, the report did say that there was no separating membrane in the placenta, so the twins are most likely identical. Of course, there are other means... a blood test and DNA analysis would give a definite answer. So, if we decide to do that, we'll let you know.

The previous post stated that Poppy smiled for the first time. The next day, Olive started smiling too! I can't wait until they smile for an extended period of time so that we can capture it on film.

One last thing... I got a new car! I traded in my 1999 Jeep for a 2010 Subaru Forester. I had to upgrade at some point so that the girls would have a safe car, and I got $4,500 for my clunker! Back to Poppy and Olive...

Hello, my name is...
Nice dresses, ladies!

Grandmom with her hands full

Two Little Cowgirls

A video of the girls -- Click on it to watch

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