Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh What a Week!

The girls had a very exciting week!  First, their Great Grandma Estelle from Florida and their Great Aunt Sandy from New York came to meet our little ladies for the first time.  I've known my grandmother for 31 years and I've NEVER seen her as happy as when she had Poppy and Olive in her arms.  It was great to have Grandma and Aunt Sandy here!  They gave me and Mom a break from the daily routine -- you know -- feed the babies, burp the babies, change the babies, feed the get the idea.  Of course, the girls were thrilled to meet their great grandma and they were very sad to see her leave so soon.

A couple of days later, Joe's dad and step-mom came up from Alabama.  CJ met the girls on an earlier trip to Delaware, but Ange, or as he's known around here, PaPa, was meeting the twins for the first time this week.  As soon as they arrived, Joe and I threw the babies at them, showed them how to mix the formula, and left them to fend for themselves while Joe and I got some much needed sleep.  They did great!  They even took the girls overnight, which meant that Joe and I could sleep without babies in between us for more than two hours -- what a gift!

Joe's sister Maria and her family also made it down to spend some time with Ange, CJ and the girls.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see much of them since I took full advantage of having guests in the house and went directly to bed.

Honestly, it was wonderful to have so many guests this week.   Poppy and Olive have now met all six of their grandparents and both of their great grandmothers.  These girls are so lucky (as are Joe and I) to have such a tremendous family!  Thank you all for everything!

While Ange and CJ were here, they took a million pictures.  As I've mentioned before, Ange is a fantastic photographer -- but now you can see for yourself! 

Little Miss Olive catching some zzzzs on the throw pillows


Olive getting a bath

Wrapped Olive

Poppy in her swing

Kissy-faced Poppy

Miss Poppy sleeping on Mommy's lap


PaPa and Poppy

Olive and Daddy

The Nursery


Donna said...

Great pictures! I an't believe how much they have already grown! What cuties!!!

colleen said...

they are getting so big! sounds like they had a great week! and glad to hear that you got some rest. hope to see you all soon!