Friday, August 21, 2009

TGIF! (Part 1)

The title says it all. Yesterday was a tough one. Both girls were very fussy and needy... occasionally that happens! Diane (Grandmom) and I were at the end of our ropes and exhausted by the time Jill got home from work. Like the wonderful mother she is, Jill took care of both babies while Diane and I rested for a bit. Thanks, honey! You're the best!

I took Poppy to the doctor's yesterday morning because she has a rash on her face that was at its worst on Wednesday. It is probably a benign rash/baby acne that we need to keep an eye on. The doctor is not worried because it looks commonplace. I felt like a nervous parent! Better safe than sorry, I guess. As a part of every appointment, there is a weight check. Poppy is weighing in at 10 pounds! This morning, Diane weighed Olive on our scale at home, and she is 9 pounds! Check the pictures below for a size comparison.

As the day started anew, Olive had a very big dirty diaper. Why am I telling you this? I'm telling you because she is a happy baby when her colon is empty. It has set the tone for the day, as Poppy also has a new attitude and a spring in her step for the same reason. Hey, I'm giving you an honest glimpse into my life, people.

Diane and I plan on getting out of the house so we don't go nuts. The agenda includes Marshall's to return clothes, the vegetable stand, Walgreen's to pick up pictures, and maybe even grocery shopping. Let's see how much we get done with the babies with us! And without further ado, pictures!

Cupcake Hats Made by Tina--Still A Bit Big!

I'm So Scared!

4 Little Feet

1 Pound Size Difference

Other Cute Pictures

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Jill said...

Is it me, or do my children appear to have red hair in all of these pictures?!