Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bad News, Good News, More Bad News, More Good News

Bad news: Both kids are sick. Any bets on who will be sick next? It will either be me, Jill, or Grandmom Diane who is in for a visit this week.

Good news: I have some great pictures from the Gymboree Valentine's Day Party!

More bad news: I thought the party was Saturday, so I dragged both Grandmoms and Pop-pop Joe out in the snow for nothing.

More good news: The party was Sunday!

Olive had lots of fun "making" a card for Mommy and Daddy.

The writing on the bottom left says, "Poppy spent the time sleeping!"

Even Grandmom Diane got in on the action.

Proof that Poppy was there...

Finally... awake!

The Ball Pit

Peek-A-Boo Time!


"Anybody in there?"

A very loooooong tunnel...

Poppy loves Gymbo the Clown!

Sleepy time?

"I guess I like him, too."

"OK, I LOVE him!"

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