Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poppy Talk

First things first...Poppy said her first word today.  She looked directly at Joe and said "dada".  Too cute!

So that was the bright point of an otherwise dark and gloomy day.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the east coast is getting pounded with snow.  This is serious business people!  They closed all of the major Philadelphia highways (except I-95) and the weather is the only story on the news.  

Enough is enough.  Between last night and today, we got over a foot of snow (that's in addition to the 25 inches we got over the weekend).  And it's still snowing.  This is a picture taken from our front door.  Please notice that you can't see the steps, the road, or the bushes to either side of the door. 
 The back yard is a different story.  It's a beautiful winter wonderland!

If the girls were a few years older, we'd be outside building snow people, sledding and making snow angels.  But since they're only seven months, we're stuck in the house.  Fortunately for us, Joe knows how to make being stuck in the house fun.  Take a look!

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