Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pictures by Mom-mom Diane

Jill and I traveled to Orlando for a wedding on May 21. Cousin Tim got married! The wedding was beautiful and so much fun! Bonus: Jill and I had a much needed and well-deserved vacation. We went to the spa, did some outlet shopping, ate good food, and drank good drinks. Grandmom Rosalie and Pop-pop Joe had the pleasure of being honorary parents of twins for three very busy nights. They did a wonderful job and had a fantastic time with Poppy and Olive. Cousin Sara also worked very hard taking care of the girls. I have pictures of their time spent at Grandmom and Pop-pop's, but for some reason the pictures are not cooperating with my website. I hope to fix the issue soon once I figure out why it is not working.

Upon our return from Florida, we spent a night at Mom-mom Diane's. Yes, I said Mom-mom. That's what she prefers to be called now, although Olive and Poppy will probably make that determination on their own depending on what sounds they make. The same thing goes for all the other grandparents, too. Poppy and Olive will ultimately decide! I like when Mom-mom sends me pictures because they already have captions. Enjoy!



Olive showing off her pretty teeth

Poppy in front, Olive in back

Olive (left) Poppy (right)

Olive looking at the camera
Poppy looking at the camera. One of these days I will get them both looking at the same time!

Olive & Poppy

Poppy loves this little rocking chair. She can get in it all by herself.

Their first try at coloring.



Olive and here cute little teeth
Olive in front and Poppy in back
I think someone peed.

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