Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shenanigans and a Family Outing

Jill and I were just talking about how fast Olive and Poppy are developing.  Their words sound different, their signing is improving, and they are doing funnier things all the time.  I had the pleasure of discovering this little scene on Saturday.

"Girls, why are you emptying the drawers?"

The whole drawer was empty.

Olive is doing the sign for "more," as in, "I need more utensils!"  I hadn't yet seen the masterpiece behind her.

"Almost complete..."

"It's finally finished!"
Olive looks mighty tired after working so hard!

The piece de resistance--a stroller of utensils!


Meanwhile, Poppy munches on an ice cream scoop. 

On Sunday,  the whole family went to Longwood Gardens to see their fall displays.  Just a warning, there are many pictures without the kids, so just bear with me.  I've been playing with my camera every chance I get!

Upon arrival, you can see that the kids don't look so excited.  But, Jill does!

Olive on the left and Poppy on the right in the Queen Bee's Chair

Olive waving

Getting lost in the bee hive

I'm showing Olive how to get the dirt off her hands.

Olive blowing in the wind

Rolling a pumpkin 

Trying to pick up pumpkins 

Climbing over pumpkins... can you spot a trend?  Pumpkins! 

Poppy smelling something she thinks is a flower

 1/3 of the pumpkin and gourd display

Another section

Curious Poppy... Hmmmmm.

Olive stacking pumpkins

Good job!

Look at that huge pumpkin! It was over 800 pounds!

One of my favorite shots of the day


 This is the largest living wall in North America.  Why is it lined with bathrooms?  No one will ever know.

Just one of the amazing water features

Getting restless... but we're at daddy's favorite part: the water lily display.

These water platters are over 3 feet across!  I took so many pictures because they were so fascinating.  The white flower only lasts 2 days.  One day it is white and the next day it is red.  There weren't any red ones at the time.

Detail of the upturned edge

Flower ready to bloom

The underside of a water platter

Look at those thorns!

Perfect flowers

The Eye of Water

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