Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crying, Stabbing, Stacking

New favorite pastime: coloring while in a box.  Seriously, what could be more comfortable?  It always starts off very calm, like they actually like each other.

"Got my crayons.  All set!  It's getting a little tight in here, though."

Poppy is 3 seconds away from exploding.

"Let me out!"

"Let her out!"

"I mean it!"

Using utensils is getting easier for both Poppy and Olive.  The spoon needs a lot more practice.  However, the fork is almost perfected.  Poppy can even use it as a weapon.

"Tell me we are out of strawberries, and I will cut you with my fork."


"Oh, there's a piece."

"Too many in my mouth?"

"I think there's room for one more."

"Told ya."

Stacking DVDs

"Anything good in that pile?"

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