Friday, October 8, 2010

The Bane of My Existence

Things tend to get crazy around here, and I have to prioritize.  So aside from actual parenting, this week I cooked some, cleaned some, took Poppy and Olive to Gymboree Play and Learn on Tuesday, and went to the dentist today (I've said it before... I love my babysitter, Anita!).  What didn't get done, you ask?  Laundry.  It wasn't on my radar in the least!  After the dentist, I bid Anita farewell, ran upstairs to get socks for the kids, and what do I see?  Mounds of the dirty stuff, the thankless job, the never-ending chore we call laundry.  I think I did 4 loads today, and there are 2 or 3 remaining.  Let's be conservative and say 6 loads total.  That sounds about right for full week.  Each day, we need PJ's, outfits, socks, wash cloths, towels, and the occasional cloth bib.  That's just if there are no leaky diapers or other mishaps that require a change of clothing.  Add me and Jill to the mix, and we have about a load a day.  Quite exhausting!

Poppy and Olive had a laundry party tonight.  I have to warn you, though, that the pictures and videos you are about to see are real.  I have not changed the names or blurred out any faces to protect the lives of the innocent.  (You know who's to blame.)  My house gets this messy multiple times a day, and I do my best to tidy it up as the day progresses.  

Poppy was the beginning of the assembly line.  She would choose an article of clothing and pass it to Olive.

Olive would then take said article and add it to her collection in the foyer.  Then, it was my job to take the collection and fold it.  How did I get the raw end of the deal?



"Where did all this laundry come from?"

Here are 2 videos to make you smile.

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