Friday, February 25, 2011


Why is Poppy so happy?

It's because she peed in the potty tonight!  That was our first pee in the toilet.  (Olive pooed twice in the toilet a few weeks ago in Florida.)  She knew what was happening and was VERY proud of herself.  She wiped and everything!

That was the icing on the cake this week.  Both girls this week showed lots of progress with their language abilities.  They can echo "a-b-c" and say "pie."  Also, Poppy can say "bubbles!"  As I recall, that's the longest word yet.  And, they are so close to saying "Olive."  It's amazing watching their progress before our eyes!

Here are some playroom pictures from the week.

Poppy couldn't reach the basket at the top of the ball pit. 

 Instead, she brought the basket to her while Olive did a funny dance

Poppy--"Daddy just cleaned up 200 balls."

"Hope he's ready to do it again."

Finally, we had a play date yesterday with our friend Clare and her kids who are about 22 months old.  It's always a blast! 

Olive, A., and Poppy
Olive has brownie on her face.

S. with her mom, Clare

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