Saturday, February 5, 2011

Miami by the Day, February 1, 2011

Today, we went to Jungle Island (formerly the Parrot Jungle).  It's like a zoo except not too many of the animals are in cages... only the dangerous ones!  We had a blast feeding the parrots, watching the monkeys, and walking through "the Everglades."

Poppy peering through the bars

Monkeys roaming free

Olive, Mom-mom, Aunt Dede, and Poppy

Me after a day in the heat

Poppy was not in the mood for a bird show.  She kicked and screamed the entire time!  Worse, they wouldn't let me stand up, walk around, or leave because the animals might have attacked us or escaped!

Everyone likes a good flock of flamingos.  Well, I think they're sort of creepy with those curly, bony necks.

Playing around with the birds

"Careful, Olive!"

Olive feeding a parrot

Poppy feeding a parrot

Olive on a fake tortoise

Olive with goats

Poppy's turn...

Me and Poppy


Olive winding down with Pop-pop

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